Zindabad: Teaser

Zindabad: Teaser

/// In the spring of 2008, one of the founders of APG spent a month traveling alone in Pakistan. This series documents his riveting and hazardous overland journey from Pakistan’s border with China to its border with India. Traveling in Pakistan is a dangerous undertaking at the best of times but not one without significant rewards. Despite an upsurge in militancy since the US invasion of neighbouring Afghanistan after 9/11, and the introduction of a new scourge into Pakistani society: suicide bombings (an unheard of phenomenon in the country before it was compelled by the US to join the “War on Terror”), Pakistan offers the intrepid traveller a potent mix of adventure and excitement as well as tranquility and unparalleled hospitality. Witness the unforgettable experiences of one person’s incredible journey through one of the most beautiful and troubled nations on earth.

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Photos shot during a month-long solo journey through Pakistan.

Hard Korea
Hard Korea

Photographs of the most reclusive and least understood country in the world; North Korea.

The Year of the Pig: intro
The Year of the Pig

A documentary mini-series about traveling through rural southern
China during Chinese New Year.

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