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About Us

/// Covering culture, music, travel, current events, and planetary decline, we aim to strike
a balance between the obscene and pristine, the enlightened and depraved, and most importantly, your thirst for knowledge and difficulty paying attention to anything for more
than 20 seconds.

Despite the saturation of instant media on the web today, we’re confident that our fondness
for adventure and inquiry will enable us to rise above the online morass of corporate chicanery and amateur pornography.

/// Action Project Group is an independent film and video production company founded in 2001. Since its inception APG has concentrated on creating and producing documentary films and videos about a wide range of topics and issues not often covered by Western media outlets. Launched in 2009 APG3.TV is the brainchild of APG. The online network came about out of our need to broadcast to the world in a permanent and global way the eye opening content that we were producing.

Information for PhDs, ADDs and everyone in between.

Creative Director:
Riel: Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

Colin: Producer, Photographer, Writer

Dean: Interface, Interactive Development

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Information for PhDs, ADDs and everyone inbetween